Bulk Milk Transportation

Our bulk milk transportation division picks up milk (conventional, organic, and kosher) from over 430 dairies within New York state and delivers to processing plants throughout the North East.

Bulk Petroleum Transportation

The bulk petroleum transportation division picks up petroleum products (diesel fuel, gasoline, heating oil, and kerosene) from various regional supplier pull points and delivers the load to over 150 fueling stations through out New York State.

Licensed Tank Wash Facility

As a licensed wash facility, authorized by the State of New York’s Department of Agriculture and Markets, Alnye ensures that proper sanitation procedures are followed to properly clean our tanks after each use. Alnye currently preforms this service to other companies as well for a nominal fee, please contact our Moravia terminal to arrange for an appointment.

Self Service Touchless Car Wash

Our self-service touchless car wash is located on Main Street in the Village of Moravia, next door to the Millard Filmore Elementary School and across the street from the First National Bank of Groton. The Sierenga Car Wash has 3 high pressure manual spray wash bays as well as a full automated touch free wash bay available for your convience 24 hours a day. Don’t forget to take care of the inside during your visit, by using one of our self-service vacuums.